7 Social Media Trends to Grow Your Business Now

social media trendsAlways remember that these trends

  • change with the push of a button
  • spread quickly
  • lurk online forever in some form or another awaiting instant revival.

We’ve got seven trends to implement, one for each day of your social media week.

Seven 2017 Social Media Trends

There are seven big trends set to innovate and motivate companies across the globe. Don’t be stranded in the woods, looking for a way to keep up with your competitors.

Join the world by getting in on the changes now.

1. Virtual Reality is the New Reality

We’ve been hearing about it for years, but it’s finally here.

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2017, virtual reality stole the show. That’s saying something because it was the 50th anniversary of this mega tech extravaganza.

And it was held in Las Vegas.

Virtual reality is impossible to ignore and so far, people show no signs of wanting to ignore it.

If an entity can steal focus away from Las Vegas, it’s worth your while to look at that entity as a way to get the attention of buyers and potential converts on social media.

It engages on such an intimate level, it’s guaranteed to change the way businesses interact with the public and vice versa.

It’s set to take social media by storm, changing our perception on just about everything.

This year, Facebook plans to release a 360-degree video for Facebook Live users. this will extend to all pages and profiles.

Other social media giants like YouTube plan to do the same.

Of course, this virtual reality is not the only sci-fi trend on our list.

2. Artificial Intelligence Is Truly Intelligent

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to help companies interact with their customers and potential converts.

AI technology does this by answering queries, taking orders, and resolving customer service issues. If programmed, it can update social media pages and blogs.

Believe it or not, people sometimes prefer talking to bots, especially if they just want a quick transaction.

This will completely overhaul customer service. It makes customer service a 24/7 solution. It elevates the speed of delivery. It responds to social media comments and complaints.

It makes customer service a 24/7 solution. It elevates the speed of delivery. It responds to social media comments and complaints in real time, helping maintain your brand reputation.

If intelligent enough, who knows how far AI could go. Maybe it could even write an editorial or two…

3. Heavy Hitters Fake Out Fake News

Google has tried to obliterate fake news with recent algorithm changes. Their heart’s in the right place—you can Google that!—but the algorithm awards a higher ranking to pages that receive lots of clicks.

In a way, the algorithm makes fake news more popular. However, everyone wants to remove the scourge from existence. That includes sites like Facebook and Twitter.

However, everyone wants to remove the scourge from existence. That includes sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Expect to see major social media platforms changes pertaining to this in the near future. In the meantime:

  • verify the source of the stories you post.
  • read the complete post before sharing it.
  • research other posts about the same story.

Your followers will appreciate it. It establishes trust, just like good employees do.

4. Employees Make Their Presence Known

Employee social advocacy is a big trend because it gives a personal touch to each brand that uses it. Customers are able to interact with real humans when they choose.

And if they don’t interact in real time, they can respond or follow the posts of specific employees.

This technique inspires brand loyalty. Remember the old saying about how people don’t buy a product, they buy from good sales people who take their time to develop a relationship?

It’s never been truer than now. Get your employees on social media. Their following will show you who to target with paid ads.

5. Paid Social Media Advertising Will Increase

Utilizing your social media platform as a marketing tool is a great option for businesses who want to make large strides in conversions. When you pay to target specific people, the marketing pays for itself.

According to the Data and Marketing Association, brand awareness campaigns motivate 51% of social media marketing respondents to take action.

That action results in sending emails, filling out contact forms, making phones, purchasing your product, and sharing links to your company social media pages

In recent years, companies on average dedicated 30% of their marketing budget to online marketing. That figure is predicted to climb to around 35% in the next few years.

Make sure you’re hitting that 35% mark to keep up with the rest of the world, including your competitors.

And make sure your influencers know about it.

6. Influencer Marketing Will Assert More Influence

It’s not a new trend, but the importance of influence marketing will increase in 2017.

In case you’ve been out of the loop, influence marketing consists of businesses that seek out people or companies already influencing their market.

This is a prime example of quid pro quo.

The influence marketer appreciates the help received from your company when it comes to meeting the needs of their followers. You gain added exposure to new leads with additional praise from the influencer in the form of social media posts.

It’s a win-win all round.

7. Content Marketing Can Characterizes Brands Into Significance

Like influencer marketing, this is not a new trend.

However, it’s one that’s reemerging on the social media scene with more vitality than in recent years. The key to making this a successful tactic is to create a voice for your content marketing and stick to it.

Another thing to consider is that content can be visual, rather using photos, memes, or options like Facebook Live. All of these options are engaging, quick reads that are easily shared.

And if they’re funny or cute, then they receive extra attention. Think about it: everyone loves to laugh and everyone love cute videos about babies, pets, or silly mishaps.

Relating these bond builders to your brand is a big business booster.

To incorporate these trends and learn about other marketing innovations for 2017, you need a clear cut strategy that converts leads and makes significant ROI gains.

That means you need us.

Social Media Trends That Matter and More

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