Why You Need a Mobile First Design for Your Site

mobile first designDesigning websites was a lot easier back in the day. The only things you had to worry about were screen sizes and what browsers people were using.

These days, however, things are a lot more complicated. More people are using computers and smart devices than ever before. Creating a website that tailors to each of these individuals is almost impossible.

It is also extremely necessary. Since more people are doing their shopping and business online, it is impossible to ignore the preferences of how people use the Internet. In fact, if you do ignore these preferences, you and your business are likely to fall behind.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to be the case. Something known as mobile first design can help you out by ensuring your website is viewable regardless of the device.

Read on to learn all about mobile first design and why you need to be on this popular bandwagon.

What Is Mobile First Design

The challenges of creating a website typically occur because of the variations in devices that people use to go online. A website is going to look different on each device depending on its screen size, performance capability, and other features the device may have. A good website is designed to accommodate as much variation as possible.

This is where mobile first design comes in. Also known as responsive web design, this design philosophy tries to make a website adaptable. For example, it creates web pages that can expand or shrink depending on the screen size of the device.

In the end, a mobile friendly website will look the same as much as possible on any device.

This allows businesses to cater to anyone online without fear of their website not working. Most people are unlikely to use a website or business they can’t easily access. As result, mobile first design keeps your website and business competitive.

Reasons To Care

There’s a whole variety of reasons why you should adopt this design style if you haven’t already. Here are just a few of the most popular.

It’s User-Friendly

It’s hard not to notice how popular mobile devices like smartphones and tablets have become. What may be surprising is just how popular.

Up to 80% of Internet users have a mobile device they use consistently. For many of these people, these devices are preferred over laptops and desktops.

Since you can’t force people to change and accommodate your website, your website has to change and accommodate them. This is where mobile first design comes in.

Responsive design will make your website look attractive and usable for anyone on any device. Even though it’s extra work up front, it can help prevent some headaches in the future when you start to lose out on potential customers.

Your Website Will Be Competitive

More and more websites are turning to mobile first design to get a competitive edge. At this point, any website that isn’t turning to this design philosophy is falling behind.

Since more people are taking to mobile devices over traditional desktops, they have certain expectations on what they can access through these devices. If these expectations aren’t met, they’re likely to take their business elsewhere.

Web sites that realize this truth are going to be able to capture more potential visitors than those that ignore reality.

Adopting a responsive focus will keep your website in the game. It may even put it above others that are still lagging behind. In business, any advantage you can get is worth exploring.

It Makes Money

The most simple reason for mobile first design is it allows people to do business with mobile devices. This is a demand from consumers that continues to grow each year.

Many people like the convenience of being able to do business or find information through mobile devices. This puts the entire world of the Internet literally at their fingertips wherever they go.

If you want your website to have a little piece of the entrepreneurial pie, it needs to provide this convenience. You need to make the information, products, and services on your website available to people who prefer the mobile option.

It’s The New Standard

Here’s the most important reason that’s hard to argue: mobile first design has become the standard. This isn’t a new concept, in fact it is been around for several years. Because of this, more websites have had time to adopt this design style.

It’s become so popular that it has become a standard in the web design industry. New websites that only cater to desktop and laptop users are seen as outdated.

It Will Only Get Worse

If you think this is a passing phase that you can ignore, think again. Smart devices and mobile technology aren’t going anywhere. In fact, things are going to get much worse.

For example, mobile technology is beginning to expand into devices that are known as wearables. Things like smartwatches and glasses are allowing people to access the Internet off of their phones and tablets. For many, this is even more convenient.

For web designers, this is even more complicated. Not only do they have more devices to cater to, but some of these devices are presenting new challenges like circular screens that websites have to appear on.

Despite these challenges, the demand remains the same.

Setting Up Your Website

Because of the demand and necessity that mobile first design has today, it is important to adopt this philosophy as soon as possible. Having a website that isn’t responsive to mobile technology puts you at a disadvantage.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to use this new design style. Modern web designers and web design resources have focused on this design style for quite some time. Really, it’s difficult not to find someone who isn’t in the mobile first design game.

If you have a website that needs updating or is looking at creating a new one, we can help. We specialize in mobile-first websites and cater to a large number of mobile devices. Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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